Squad token charity

Squad token charity

SQUAD Token is a groundbreaking new system designed to help charity organisations which is completed in SQUAD Token currency. One of our missions is providing charitable donations. Our charity wallet receives each donation to fulfill our ongoing mission to assist charitable projects and organisations as well as other linked charity providers.

With the donations providing an ongoing assistance for charitable projects, deemed appropriate for support by our community; as well as charitable projects picked by our team. We are also working in collaboration with the votes of our holders to decide which new charities we could donate to, as we want our contributions to be a reflection of what's important to them, our community.

By using the blockchain system to donate to charities, our system provides complete transparency toward charitable donations and reflects our community voices’. Donations made in SQUAD Token will be updated by team members in theappropriate sections for our community to be made aware of. We aim to bring significantly more money and donor engagement to all charitable foundations we work with.

How it works?

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